Accompanying Seat Technical Specifications

efe hospital seat frame

Accompanying Seat Technical Specifications Our companion seats are 32 dns gray hard or soft gray sponges. On the upper arms, 3 cm gray hard sponge or 2 cm bondex sponge is used. Skeleton: In our companion seats we use 20 mm × 20 mm, 20 × 30 mm, 20 × 40 mm, 20 × 50 mm iron profiles with 1.2 mm wall thickness. For maximum durability and efficiency, they are welded horizontally at some places and at some places. In the case of box corners and lath equipments, high efficiency was obtained as a skeleton by using a baked hornbeam tree. In addition, 60% more iron profiles were used in the armchair frame to provide double skeleton formation, and in...

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Uses of companion seat

Bahadir Hospital Sofa Bed

Uses of companion seat It can be used in virtually any environment where there is a disturbance of location and use. To explain, the more public service firms, the more customers and the more customers. Although this means a reduction of comfort and standards, architects and engineers are on the contrary trying to reduce the space and raise the standards. The end result is to produce portable and multipurpose products for manufacturers and suppliers. Practical solutions such as products that are both table and coffee table, recessed beds, bedsheets, etc. Especially in hospitals and hotels, where the number of rooms = customer rooms = the rooms where the financial gain is meaningful, everything is designed carefully every square centimeters of...

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Pirimlar Companion Chair

Badem Hospital Sofa Bed

Pirimlar Companion Chair World's Strongest Companion Seats We produce the world's closest companion seats as furniture. If you need refractor's chair, we definitely recommend you to take an offer from us. Accompanying seats have the feature of being the most robust patient companion seat in the world, both as design and durability. We have been producing furniture for 30 years now, we also produce companion seats Turkey joined the elite hospitals in fuarlarına Our company designs and produces the most robust and useful companion seats in the world. We wait for you in our companion chairs. Thank you for your attention. We manufacture all kinds of companion seats Thank you for choosing us. We sell all over the World.

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